My day in photos…

I first saw one of my favorite blogs do a post like this a few weeks ago. I thought it was super creative and I loved how a photo an hour told a really beautiful story. Some days are more exciting than others but I decided to try it out for myself. Let me know what you think of these types of posts and if you’d like to see them in the future.

7am-  Breakfast Time! Today’s oatmeal with cinnamon & honey. My Day In Photos 18am- Time to play for a while. We also watch the daily news to see what the weather will be like. My Day In Photos 2
9am- I start some laundry while continuing to play with Mase. My Day In Photos 3
10am- Almost time for Mason’s morning nap. I put him down and today I needed to pay bills. I also get myself ready for the day.My Day In Photos 4My Day In Photos 5
12pm- Mason’s up from his nap and we’re ready for lunch.My Day In Photos 8
1pm- I let the chickens out of their coop for some playtime.Photo A Day 11
2pm- I whip up a quick batch of granola then put Mase down for his afternoon nap.My Day In Photos 6
3pm- I make and shoot a fun homemade baby wipes recipe. Recipe will be up Tuesday.My Day In Photos 7
5pm- Dinner’s ready! Tonight is spaghetti bolognese.My Day In Photos 9
8pm- I do a little blogging then it’s off to bed!My Day In Photos 10

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