Goodbye my only child…

In just a few short weeks I will be mother of two. It totally freaks me out at the idea of taking care of two babies at one time. I’m not gonna lie I’m a little bit scared of being out numbered while I’m alone. What keeps me going is knowing that I’ve an awesome husband and support system. Also that millions of women do this everyday and probably have the same fears as me but somehow make it all work. If they can do it so can I. Today’s post is a little different. I’m letting my heart out and writing a letter to Mason my only child for just a few more weeks. I got the idea to write my son a letter before our new baby came from one of my favorite bloggin women! I love the idea because it was a good way to get all my feelings out and let Mason know that no matter what happens in our lives I will always love him and he will always be my first born. I know it will be years before he reads this but it was therapeutic to let my feelings out. 

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Dear Mason,

Being your mom is the greatest thing I’ve done in my life. The way you fill my heart with joy and smiles is unmatched by anyone else. You know exactly how to brighten my day without speaking one word. I have enjoyed so much our summer of fun, just the two of us. The memories and laughter is what I will remember the most. This past year you’ve grown up so much I wish you would just stay little forever. Your imagination and love make each day worth living for. Every morning I look forward to going into your room and seeing you smile up at me. Knowing you’re excited to start our day together. I love our morning snuggles, walks and I love that you’re not afraid to show affection. I love your fascination with helping me cook and prepare meals. I love how excited your get to sweep the floor and unload the dishwasher although I know it will not last. You’re my life, my motivation and my will to live. Thank you for letting me be your mom it has been my greatest joy!

In just a few short weeks we will be adding another person to our family. This means a lot for you. You will no longer be the only child that needs attention and love. Somedays it may seem as if you’re being ignored. Just know that it will be frustrating but my love for you has not changed. In fact I love you more than ever. This big change means that we will have another person to love and have lots of fun with. It may not be fun at first but before you know we will be having an awesome time. 

I know you’re going to make such an awesome big brother. You’re compassionate and loving in every way possible. Please just do me one favor! Stop growing up. I want you to stay small forever. Your head of blonde curls, sweet innocent smile and beautiful scent will forever be etched in my mind. I love you to the stars and back my son please do not ever forget that.


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  1. Robin Bird says:

    I need a tissue for my issue……beautiful daughter. Like you !!!

  2. Jeez Ash way to make me cry! You’re the sweetest mama. Love this!!

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