These New Kashi Cereals Come in Kid-Friendly Flavors Created By Kids

Kashi collaborated with an all-star team of kids they dubbed ‘The Kashi Crew’ to create 3 brand new cereals that bridge the gap between kid-friendly treat and nutritious breakfast.

The cereal aisle is always a interesting place to bring kids. Healthy versus sugary breakfast cereal is a parent-child debate for the ages, and there never has seemed to be a satisfying middle ground—until now. Nutritious cereal brand Kashi has just announced it’s teamed up with five young foodies dubbed ‘The Kashi Crew’ to create three brand new cereals made by kids, for kids.

Kashi by Kids is a collection of three organic cereals that harness the goodness of superfoods like purple corn, red lentils, and chickpeas to help kids start their day with something delicious and nutritious. The Kashi Crew worked with Kashi to come up with parent-approved cereal in three unique flavors that kids will actually want to eat.

With at least 18 grams of whole grains, 3 grams of fiber, and less than 8 grams of sugar, Honey Cinnamon, Cocoa Crisp and Berry Crumble are options that kids will pick out from the grocery store shelves themselves, and that parents will be more than happy to buy (especially at the wallet-friendly price of $3.99).

One feature of the breakfast cereals kids are sure to love are the pillow shapes in each offering. In Cocoa Crisp the pillows are filled with sweet cocoa, in Honey Cinnamon they are filled with honey, and in Berry Crumble the puffed shapes are filled with apple and strawberry.

Kashi by Kids cereals are the perfect middle ground between the sweet breakfast cereals kids tend to choose and the nutritious ones parents want them to eat. The fun box designs and enticing flavors will have your kid heading straight for these boxes instead of the ones with artificial ingredients and loads of added sugars.

No matter your kids’ cereal preferences, these Kashi by Kids cereals should definitely be on your back to school grocery shopping list. A bowl of this before the first day of school is sure to leave your kids nourished and ready to take on the year.

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