This Is Vladimir Putin's Morning Routine

If you have a tendency to stay up past your bedtime, you’re not alone.  As Newsweek reports, Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, stays up late at night working and sleeps in until mid-morning. Apparently it’s easier for him to work late, because he can think more clearly. For breakfast, he enjoys an omelet or porridge, often with a side of quail eggs or cottage cheese. He also washes everything down with a glass of juice made from beet and horseradish. 

Beet juice aside, his meal is relatively similar to what many other Russians might eat for breakfast, though obviously more lavish. Another popular breakfast treat is syrniki, or cottage cheese dumplings served with either jam or sour cream. 

What’s more interesting about Putin’s breakfast is where the ingredients come from. Newsweek reports that they are “dispatched regularly from the farmland estates of the Patriarch Kirill, Russia’s religious leader.” The Russian leader’s morning routine continues with a post-breakfast coffee and a solitary workout consisting of two hours of swimming and some weights. Meanwhile, his courtiers sit idly waiting for him to finish up. 

Only by early afternoon does he start his daily briefings, reading reports about Russia, the court and the rest of the world. When Barack Obama visited Putin’s residence for breakfast back in 2009, they discussed US-Russia relations over a breakfast of eggs with Beluga caviar and quail dumplings. They also enjoyed traditional Russian tea and snacks on the Russian leader’s terrace. 

And when he travels, Putin is always prepared. The Russian intelligence service sends a pilot group a month in advance to inspect and set up his living quarters. Fresh fruit protected by special Kremlin anti-contamination seals, Russian diplomats negotiating food with the host country, and cooks and waiters from Russia to prepare and serve his meals. Everything has to be cleared by the Kremlin. 

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