7 Tips for Getting By Without Coffee

Tired of dropping five bucks every morning for your go-to Starbucks drink? Or worse, wake up and find that you’re dun dun dun out of coffee? Thanks to ASAPScience’s useful tricks, you don’t have to worry anymore. You can get that coffee kick without ever actually caffeinating. This helpful video teaches you how to amp up your body, get that feeling of alertness, and stave off sleepiness.

First: get yourself out into the sunlight. It’ll decrease your melatonin (a hormone that makes you feel sleepy) production, so you’ll be more ready for the day. Whether that means pulling back your curtains, eating breakfast outside, or waking up to an illuminating alarm clock, it’s important to let your eyes and your body know that it’s morning.

Want to feel alert and don’t mind a bit of a shock? End your shower with a burst of cold water. It’ll activate the parts of your brain that keep you feeling awake. Bonus: the cold shower will up your metabolic rate, staving off feelings of tiredness. Basically, it’s a two for one deal on feeling more awake and alert. And hey, if the cold water sounds unpleasant, just remind yourself it isn’t worse than that crappy cup of burnt coffee you once had to resort to drinking.


What should you eat and drink in the mornings? Drinking water will negate any drowsiness-inducing dehydration you may be feeling when you wake up.  Drinking orange juice can up your brainpower because it contains flavonoids, a super helpful metabolite found in citrus fruits. Eating a breakfast low in simple sugars and high in fiber and carbs will keep you energy throughout the day.

To really be awake in the mornings, you’re going to want to stimulate your body. Getting your blood flowing with exercise will bring more oxygen to your brain and activate your hippocampus. Listening to music will also excite your body, getting you ready for the day. 

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