An Animated Argument for Why US Presidents Should Drink Beer

The histories of American presidents and beer are surprisingly intertwined.  From Thomas Jefferson practically declaring our independence at a tavern all the way to Barack Obama becoming the first president to brew beer in the White House, beer has been a trusted ally of great leaders for generations.  Philadelphia’s Yards Brewing Company even brews an “Ales of the Revolution” series, crafting beers based off historical recipes used by Washington, Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin.

Illustrator Drew Christie decided to provide an animated look into how American (and even world) politics have been influenced by hops and barley.  He also makes a pretty convincing argument that we may want to consider bringing beer to the floor of Congress – as long as the ABVs aren’t too high.

“My latest animation explores what makes American great: beer,” writes Christie.  I would tend to agree with him – though technically I think beer makes anywhere great.  Just ask Belgium or Germany or the United Kingdom or Ireland or pretty much any country that has beer.

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