An Epic Classical Music Performance Featuring Beer Bottles and Sushi Chefs

For anyone who finds an evening at the orchestra a bit on the stuffy side, one way to lighten things up might involve drinking a few beers. Either that or you could just make the entire orchestra out of beers.

The Bottle Boys, a group of musicians who have made a name for themselves on YouTube by covering classic artists like Michael Jackson entirely on bottles, recently teamed up with Japanese beer giant Kirin (which can’t technically be called Japanese in the US, but that’s another story), for an entirely unique performance of Johann Strauss’s “Radetzky March.”

Kirin calls the performance “an orchestral performance that you’ve never seen before; a harmony made by beer bottles and the sound of preparing Japanese cuisine!” And yes, what you hear is more than just the Boys blowing away on their handy beer bottles. Also in the mix is a group of sushi chefs chopping, slicing, scrubbing and sizzling.

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