Cucumber & Mint Lemonade Infusion

READY IN: 1hr 20mins


  • Mint Syrup
  • 1cup loosely-packed of fresh mint
  • 1cupsugar
  • 1cupwater
  • zest of one lemon
  • Lemonade
  • 7 mini cucumbers (or 1 1/2 English cucumbers)
  • 1cupmint syrup
  • 1cup freshly-squeezed lemon juice, strained of pulp(8 small lemons or 4 large lemons)
  • 1cupcold water
  • 1 -2cupice
  • cucumber, ribbons(for garnish)
  • mint (for garnish)

    Serving Size: 1 (1064) g

    Servings Per Recipe:4

    Calories: 296

    Calories from Fat 8 g 3 %

    Total Fat 0.9 g 1 %

    Saturated Fat 0.3 g 1 %

    Cholesterol 0 mg 0 %

    Sodium 23.8 mg 0 %

    Total Carbohydrate75.2 g 25 %

    Dietary Fiber 4.4 g 17 %

    Sugars 60.2 g 240 %

    Protein 4.4 g 8 %


  • For the mint syrup: Combine fresh mint, sugar and water in a small pot and bring to a boil, stirring until sugar is completely dissolved. Remove from heat and stir in lemon zest. Let mint steep for 30 minutes before straining syrup through a sieve lined with cheesecloth. Allow to cool completely and store in refrigerator until ready to use.
  • For the lemonade: Slice cucumbers into rounds and add to a blender. Blend on high until cucumbers are fully broken down into juice, stirring as needed. Strain cucumber juice through a sieve lined with cheesecloth, pressing down on the pulp to remove all of the liquid. You should be left with about one cup of juice.
  • In a large pitcher, combine cucumber juice, mint syrup, lemon juice and cold water. When ready to serve, add 1-2 cups of ice. Garnish individual glasses with cucumber ribbons and fresh mint.
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