The Invergo: Will a Pour-Over Coffee Machine Kill Drip?

Pour-over coffee has remained relatively untouched by technology: boil water, let the grounds bloom, slowly fill a carafe. That simple method is about to get a major update. A New Yorker named Cameron Hughes recently launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to build the Invergo, a line of automatic pour-over machines that he says will save time, money and still make a perfect cup of coffee. With nine days to go, he’s already exceeded his $25,000 goal. The Invergo’s main selling point is brewing technology that Hughes calls the “autospout.” Unlike a drip coffeemaker that shoots hot water straight onto your precious grounds without a second thought, the Invergo uses a temperature control system to keep the water within one degree of your desired setting, and a rotating water stream that saturates the coffee evenly to produce consistent extraction of flavors, which is basically the secret to the best-tasting coffee.

Invergo’s also versatile. It has the capability to brew a single cup or an entire pot depending on how much caffeine you’re in the mood for, and it also has a setting to make cold-brewed coffee. Invergos will ship in December to backers who contribute at least $100.

We’ll have to wait to see if coffee geeks are willing to give up the romance of manually brewing a cup of pour-over coffee, but if the early funding is any indication, the answer is a resounding yes.

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