The Ludicrously Expensive Unboxing of $22,000 Cognac

What is missing from most of the unboxing videos crowding YouTube? Obviously a $22,000 bottle of Cognac. That is not the case here, though. Rémy Martin Louis XIII Rare Cask 42,6 (a $22,000 name if ever there was one) is made from exactly 1,200 fruit brandies mixed together and aged for between 40 to 100 years in oak barrels that themselves are hundreds of years old. The age and quality of the ingredients could elevate the price to astronomical levels on their own, but the ridiculous packaging doesn’t hurt, either. Each of the limited edition of 738 bottles of Louis XIII is black Baccarat crystal, adorned with a 22-karat gold collar. And the final touch: putting that bottle inside a light-up sci-fi-esque box. If you listen closely in the video, you can hear the same whooshing sound from whenever someone comes through the doors onto the bridge in Star Trek.

Since no one has offered us a sip yet, we can’t say if it’s worth as much as a new Volkswagen, but a lucky Food Republic reporter got to sample some and sung Louis XIII’s praises. “Complex aromas waft from halfway across the room, and each careful sip reveals a new layer of flavors as the palate adjusts.” Let’s see anyone unboxing some Disney toys give a review like that.

[h/t First We Feast]

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