Top Five Android Games to Play Without Downloading

Going to Google Play to enjoy a game on Android is not always a matter of convenience. So here are five titles to play without downloading.

Android users will know that Google Play is full of games of different themes and genres. However, discovering its catalogue and selecting one to download will take some time (even more so if you don’t have space on your device).

However, there are plenty of options to pass the time without downloading. All you need to do is access the browser, whether you are looking for a specific title or a recommendation. To make it easier, we have compiled a list of the five best Android games to play without downloading.

1. Doodle Jump

One of the most downloaded games in the world is also available to play without downloading. Its peculiar character, in the form of an alien, is as popular as its hand-drawn graphics.

It offers a platforming and skill-based, vertically-advancing adventure. Using balance and precision, we ascend through various levels (some of them moving). The goal? To get the highest score without falling into the void. Special items and enemies are the order of the day.

Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

Presented as a free video slots online, it is set on the popular Mexican holiday that bears its name. It shares its aesthetics with it, both in its cinematics and gameplay.

With the option of playing with real money or without real money, it is based on a straightforward mechanic in the form of practice. Imitating the essence of a classic machine leads us to press the button to create combinations of numbers and icons, including skulls and pumpkins. Their value, combined with the amount bet, will determine success.

3. Cut the Rope

What do you do when an adorable alien informs you of its voracious hunger with its eyes? Clear answer: give it a massive piece of candy. Under this simple premise, one of the most successful titles of recent times is presented, both to download and enjoy without it.

This is a fast-paced, level-based game. A long rope with the candy is attached to different hooks. It is our task to decide when to cut it, get the candy to the creature, and get as many stars as possible. This essence is repeated in its many versions.

4. Piano Tiles 2

Sequel to Piano Tiles, this is considered one of the most famous music games of the moment. It requires you to follow a melody, putting your skill and mental quickness into practice.

Without any prior knowledge of the piano, our task is to press the right key at the right time. More specifically, the dark key. There are various effects for the keys, as well as different levels. As usual, the difficulty (along with an increase in speed) increases over time.

5. Color Valley

Addiction and concentration. These two terms define the proposal. As the name suggests, the action is marked by colour on a black background. By clicking, we control a small ball of one colour.

It will only pass through the shapes with which it coincides in colour, so it will be necessary to wait for the right moment to make it go up. The modifiers in its path will change its colour, not only to access new areas but also to mislead the player. Since one hit in vain can ruin all the effort, the mission is to hold out longer than in a previous attempt.