5 Frozen Foods From Trader Joe's That'll Up Your Brunch Game

Listen, we love a good made-from-scratch meal as much as the next recipe-driven food brand. It’s kinda our thing. But sometimes, freezer aisle shortcuts are just more practical—like in the mornings, when you could be sleeping. As it so often does, Trader Joe’s has our backs when it comes to putting out an impressive brunch spread, regarldess of how many times you hit snooze. Here are five great frozen TJ’s items to make your next brunch a breeze:

French Toast, $2.49

If you are a reasonable person, you are probably slightly wary of frozen French toast—as you should be. But these aren’t the frozen French toast sticks from your childhood. Trader Joe’s version might not be better than homemade, but it can certainly hold its own.  

Quiche, $2.29

Quiche is (for good reason) the quintessential brunch food. It’s a savory pie made out of eggs and cream—what’s not to like? Trader Joe’s offers a couple versions, but we’re partial to the classic Quiche Lorraine.

Chocolate Croissants, $4.49

These are slightly more difficult to prepare than your average frozen food, but only slightly. All you have to do is leave the croissants on the counter overnight. In the morning, brush on an egg wash and stick them in the oven for 20-25 minutes. That’s it! You’ll feel like you’re brunching in a French boulangerie.

Belgian Waffles, $1.99

These ain’t your mama’s Eggos. (No disrespect to Eggos intended. We love you very much). Top TJ’s Belgian waffles with fresh fruit for an Insta-worthy brunch without the hassle.

Sweet Potato Frites, $1.99

Sweet potato fries aren’t widely considered a brunch food—but they probably should be. Swap out your traditional hash browns for Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato Frites for a low-effort brunch potato alternative.

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