7 Foods That Give You as Much Energy as Coffee


Many of us know what it’s like to feel tired during the day. It can happen for many reasons, from a bad night’s sleep to the dreaded afternoon slump. It may seem that coffee—lots and lots of it—is the only answer, but in fact, a number of foods can also help boost your energy. Will they equal out to a cup of your favorite cold brew? Not literally, but they're each a wonderful and nutritious alternative. Try opting in on these energy-boosting foods.

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The protein and fat in eggs offer high-quality fuel. Eggs are also high in folate, B12, and thiamin, which help your cells make energy. Most of these nutrients are in the yolk, so be sure to use whole eggs. Frittata, anyone?


Avocados offer energy in the form of healthy fats. Plus, they’re jam-packed with fiber, which supports satiety and energy. It’s the perfect reason to make a batch of mid-day guacamole.


Fuel your body with a banana smoothie. As a rich source of slow-releasing carbs, bananas provide sustained energy for your brain and muscles. Their high content of fiber, potassium, and B6 also lend a hand. Research has even found that bananas can energize athletes during intense exercise. 


Apples are portable and always tasty energy boosters. The carbs in apples offer steady fuel, which supports mental and physical function. To reap the energizing benefits of bananas and apples together, make a nutritious apple smoothie.

Brown Rice

The complex carbs in brown rice are slowly digested by the body. This energizes your cells and brain without spiking your blood glucose. Enjoy this pantry staple by making a pilaf or casserole.

Chia Seeds

Thanks to their protein, fiber, and omega-3 fats, chia seeds are an excellent source of long-term fuel. Start your day with chia seed pudding or eat it as an afternoon snack.

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When you feel like you’re running on an empty, drink water. After all, even mild dehydration can lead to fatigue and headaches. Make a pitcher of fruit-infused water if plain H2O isn’t your thing.

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