Aldi scam: Supermarket shares warning over £250 voucher scam message

The coronavirus lockdown may have brought normal life to a halt for many, but scammers are on a roll as they try to take advantage of the situation. Over the past few weeks there have been many messages circulating from fraudsters as they try to cash in on the crisis. The latest scam promises free Aldi vouchers on a convincing-looking link. 


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The fraudulent message has been shared on social media by those who are rightly suspicious of the offer, which is very much too good to be true. 

The message reads: “ALDI supermarket offers a free coupon of £250 to everyone this week to Help the nation. Click here to get:”. 

The link also has the urgent line “Hurry up! Few coupons left” which displays whenever the link is shared. 

However, the budget supermarket has confirmed the message is a scam. 

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The hyperlink is very convincing but is not the correct address for the Aldi website. 

The grammar errors are also a giveaway – many scam messages feature spelling and grammar mistakes which can raise alarm bells for anyone on the receiving end. 

The fraudulent message has been doing the rounds on WhatsApp as well as on Facebook, Twitter and email, promising free vouchers to anyone in exchange for sharing sensitive personal information. 

No one should click the link or enter their details in the provided form. 

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Clicking the copycat link could mean you’re sharing your data with the criminals who have set up the scam.

An Aldi spokesperson commented: “The vouchers being circulated online are fraudulent. We advise customers to ignore these adverts and not to share any personal information.”

The supermarket is not running any promotions for free vouchers, and any messages suggesting the brand is giving away such a generous offer are likely to be scams. 

Aldi is not the first supermarket to be targeted with these scam messages during lockdown. 


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In the last few weeks, Morrisons and Tesco have also been the subject of fraudsters’ scheming as they sent messages offering free vouchers to shoppers around the UK. 

With similar wording to the Aldi scam, messages were sent on WhatsApp promising free £250 vouchers to customers. 

It featured a non-secure web link which then tried to capture users’ personal data, as well as a further scam to win an iPhone. 

Police stepped in to warn the public about being vigilant as cyber crime ramps up during the UK lockdown. 

Posting on Twitter, the National Fraud and Cyber Crime Reporting Centre also revealed it had had complaints about a Tesco email. 

The email, which appeared to be from the supermarket chain, was in fact another scam message in a bid to target desperate shoppers. 

The fake email read: “TESCO is giving you a chance to shop for free this COVID-19 season at any of our outlets or online by giving out free vouchers. This offer is for All users and it will be on until the end of April 2020.

“To Qualify follow the link below and input all the details required. After validation, if selected your voucher will be sent via text message or posted to your Mailbox. Thanks for taking part, The Tesc0 team.”

Action Fraud UK revealed that there had been a high number of victims since the coronavirus outbreak, sharing the shocking statistics on Twitter. 

The team wrote: “1,072 victims have lost a combined total of £2,360,727 to coronavirus-related scams.”


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