Arby's Launches Meat-Themed Clothing for 'Meatoberfest'


We’re about a week and a half into October, which, weirdly enough, means that Oktoberfest is already more than halfway over. The Bavarian bacchanal, which centers around the concept of chugging weissbier and donning lederhosen is both a celebration of regional German heritage and a convenient excuse for everyone you know who’s currently in business school to fly to Germany and get obscenely drunk in the middle of a field.

Now, Oktoberfest is also an opportunity to buy some very silly limited-edition Arby’s merchandise. Ja, du heard that right. This year, Arby’s is celebrating what they’ve creatively dubbed “Meatoberfest”, dedicated to meats, a caricature of German culture, and the combination thereof.

For most normal people who set foot in an Arby’s, that means the appearance of three new boozy(?) sandwiches: the Beer Braised Beef, the Bear Cheese ‘n (Not using und feels like a real missed opportunity) Double Beef, n and a Beer Cheese Triple Stack. Each of those sandwiches honors the concept of Meatober through its use of Germanic ingredients: beer cheese sauce, beer braised beef, beer mustard, and a toasted pretzel roll.

Watch: Does searing meat seal in its juices?

But what good is Meatoberfest if you can’t flagrantly borrow some Bavarian cultural traditions? To that end, Arby’s is selling everything you’d need to outfit yourself for Meatoberfest, which I can only assume would take place under a tent in an Arby’s parking lot. For example you can get your hands on some handcrafted, custom-printed “Meaterhosen,” the German version of overalls you know and love, now adorned with a print representing the various meats on the Arby’s menu. There’s also the “Beefvarian Hat”, the perfect accessory for yodeling, hiking through the alps, or eating beef. And finally, the “Das Hat,” a piece of glassware made for the center circle of a venn diagram made up of “people who eat at Arby’s” and “people who can extensively quote Beerfest.”

Much like Oktoberfest itself, this Meatoberfest merch will only be available for a limited time. Each limited edition item will go on-sale Friday 10/11 for $30 each, and only while supplies last. So if you want to show up to next year’s Oktoberfest in an outfit that will confuse and maybe even offend some Germans, you better cop that Meatoberfest merch before it says auf wiedersehen.

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