Asda launches cheapest supermarket meal deal that scraps the restrictive lunch rules

Everyone who’s ever grabbed lunch on the go from their nearest supermarket or Boots store will know the classic sandwich, drink and snack combination. The lunchtime trio forms the basic premise of meal deals at the likes of Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons. But a new deal at Asda is set to change the meal deal as you know it – and it’s much cheaper too.

Asda has launched a new meal deal which appears to be the cheapest of all the supermarkets. 

The new food-to-go offer starts at just £1.60 – making it almost half the price of rival brands. 

Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons all have lunchtime meal deals that cost £3 for the classic combination of a sandwich, drink and snack of your choice. 

Meanwhile Boots’ meal deals cost from £3.39 for the three items, and Marks and Spencer will set you back up to £5 for the lunchtime favourite. 

It’s the first time Asda has run a meal deal scheme in its stores, after previously claiming that its prices are already low in comparison to competitors. 

The chain was recently crowned the cheapest supermarket for the 23rd year in a row in the Grocer 33 price award by independent retail analyst The Grocer. 

Asda beat Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose in the battle for the cheapest products, which is assessed based on 33 randomly selected food items . 

But whereas most meal deals have a set price based on shoppers choosing a sandwich or wrap, a snack and a drink, Asda’s offering is slightly different in order to make it cheaper. 

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The retailer’s lunchtime deal works on a 3 for 2 basis, so that the cheapest item is free. 

It means shoppers will no longer have to make the difficult choice of fruit or chocolate for their lunchtime snack, as they will now be able to have both if they forgo the drink or sandwich part of the deal. 

The move also makes sense now that so many customers use their own sustainable drinks bottles, rather than buying a new plastic bottle every time they need a drink when they’re out. 

However, the 3 for 2 deal means that your meal could cost more than £1.60 depending on what you choose. 

Asda’s Food for Now senior manager Elizabeth Ruddima said its meal deal was “the perfect quick and easy lunch that won’t break the bank”.

She added that the offer includes “simple, convenient and tasty lunchtime options that will be sure to satisfy their taste buds”.

The entire 336 items in the food-to-go range qualifies for the deal, meaning shoppers could buy their lunch for as little as £1.60. 

The cheapest combination if you want to opt for a sandwich, snack and drink would be the ham, egg and cress sandwich, which is just £1, with a bottle of Asda mineral water (38p) and a packet of Walkers crisps, which are 60p. 

As the cheapest of the three, the drink would be free – making lunch half the price of what it would cost over at Tesco, Boots or Sainsbury’s. 

The flexible offer means you could even team up with your office colleagues or friends and buy three sandwiches for the price of a Tesco or Sainsbury’s deal, each spending just £1. 

However, a more expensive drink will see you spending more than you would at Asda’s competitors, so if you’re looking for the cheapest deal you’ll need to add up as you go. 

The deal is already available online and in store, though the full food to go range isn’t available on the website. 


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