Asda prevents customers buying more than 3 tins of budget tomatoes

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A man was shocked when a supermarket cashier prevented him from buying tomatoes during a supermarket shop. Sebastian McCormick had been purchasing Just Essentials products from his local Asda when staff stopped him from buying more than three tins of tomatoes.

The supermarket revealed that they had imposed a temporary limit on the budget range due to customers buying products in bulk.

Asda said it hoped the limit would be lifted soon as it works hard to keep up with demand.

Writing about his experience for Yorkshire Live, Sebastian said: “You are limited to three of each item per product, so you could buy three tins of chopped tomatoes and a block of cheddar cheese, but if you tried to buy four tins of tomatoes you would be stopped by the staff.

“This applies to the entire range, but when we visited an Asda store it was not always clearly marked.

“For example, the ‘Just Essentials’ range of tinned tomatoes were not marked in one Leeds store as being part of the three items only rule, but they were not exceptions.

“This means every item in the range is limited to three items.

“This includes everything from tinned goods like chickpeas and mushy peas to items like cheese and cooked meat.

“Some of these items, like chickpeas, are often bought in bulk, especially if you are trying to feed a family with food for a week.

“The range also includes ready meals, meaning if you plan to feed a family of four or above for a day, you may need to mix the type of ready meal you are serving as you cannot buy more than three units.

“This could have a serious impact on families who may only have time to visit the store once to feed a family for a full week.

“When you attempt to buy more than three of one of the products, the self-checkout machine will literally not allow you to scan the fourth item.

“Warnings are in place next to the majority of items which are restricted.

“This comes as many are struggling to pay for food as inflation and energy bill rises mean many people’s money is not going as far as it used to.

“Many are therefore more reliant than ever on cheaper goods from their supermarkets.”

According to Asda, the demand for the Just Essentials range is high and this means they have been forced to limit purchases.

The in-store sign, which explains the reasoning behind the limit, says: “We love that you love Just Essentials and we’re working hard to keep up with demand.

“To help make sure customers can get what they need, we’re limiting purchases to three of each product per customer for a short time.”

An Asda spokesperson previously said: “To make sure as many customers as possible can buy these products we are temporarily limiting purchases to a maximum of three of each product.

“This will be for a short period and we will let you know as soon these limits are removed.”

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