Before & After: A $7,500 Makeover Totally Transformed This Kitchen!

This kitchen has a lot going for it: a window over the sink, stainless steel appliances, a beautiful hardwood floor, tons of counter space, and tons of cabinet space. I’ll say that the combination of the beigey-pink cupboards and the yellow walls are not for everyone, but they might have looked a lot prettier in natural light. That said, here’s what the space looks like now.

This kitchen now looks ultra-clean and is a blank slate for however the owners want to decorate. Perhaps the best aspect of this makeover is that it allows the gorgeous wood floors to be the star of the show. When floors have to compete with cabinetry in a different wood — and possibly the various colors on the walls and countertops as well — all too often, they get lost in the mix. Against this white backdrop, all of the fascinating whorls and hues of the wood can be fully appreciated.

As for how much this transformation cost the homeowners:

“We paid a company to have them sanded down, sprayed Sherwin-Williams Extra White and had the hinges replaced with white ones. It cost around $7,500, so NOT CHEAP but soooo worth it (in my opinion)! We have a ton of cabinets which is part of the reason for such a costly endeavor. Replacing the cabinets would have cost much, much more, so I have no regrets!”

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If you are scared off by that price point, consider having them professionally sanded, then do the painting yourself.

We’ve got the steps: How To Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets So It Looks Like You Totally Replaced Them

Thank you, Sunny Circle Studios!

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