Beyond Meat Is Working on Plant-Based Bacon

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I can only speak for myself, but I imagine that bacon is a major reason that there aren’t more vegetarians in the world today. 

Well, it sounds like any carnivores clinging to bacon as their reason for continuing to eat meat will be out of excuses pretty soon. According to Bloomberg, Beyond Meat has a plant-based bacon in the works. In an interview, Beyond CEO Ethan Brown implied that the company’s ersatz breakfast pork is in the research and development phase, and has improved over time. As of yet, a launch date is undetermined. 

The news about potential Beyond bacon comes at a time when the company is already seeking to corner the market for plant-based breakfast options. They’ve already developed a convincing sausage patty, which made its way into Dunkin’ breakfast sandwiches at select locations in Manhattan this week. While it’s new to Americans, that same Beyond breakfast sausage is already available at nearly 4,000 Tim Hortons locations in Canada. 

But in terms of its culinary omnipotence, the development of a convincing meatless bacon would represent a great leap forward. According to Datassential statistics cited by CNBC, bacon was found on the menu at 68.1% of fast food restaurants in 2018. Surely, Beyond is salivating at the prospect of selling a meatless bacon cheeseburger. That would surely push the company’s stock price—which is already nearly 700% more valuable than it was at the time of its initial public offering in May—to new heights.

Though details are scarce, those who’ve partnered with Beyond in the past are ready for their bacon. “We’re looking forward to trying their bacon whenever we can,” Emily Murphy, director of specialty procurement at Baldor Foods, told Bloomberg. “We understand from Beyond that it’s in the works.” 

While Impossible’s attempt to create fishless fish could surely do some good for oceanic ecosystems, there’s no doubt that Beyond’s latest R&D effort is pretty exciting in its own right. Seriously, the idea of eating bacon without the guilt is pretty amazing. 

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