Bomb Pops are Back with New Creamy, Gooey-Centered Flavor Combos—Including S’mores and Cookies and Creme


The world may be locked down, but that hasn’t stopped ice cream consumption. If anything, staying at home 24/7 has given us more time and reasons to enjoy a frozen treat, because stress eating is very real. And even if the ice cream truck isn’t rolling down your street, you can still reconnect with your childhood summers with the latest innovation from Bomb Pop.

Meet the Bomb Pop Middle: It’s got a rich ice cream exterior, encasing a gooey, decadent core in a number of flavor options. Think familiar flavors, but with a unique texture. Chocolate Caramel Sundae and Chocolate Creme Sandwich incorporate classic ice cream combinations into the Bomb Pop form; meanwhile, the S’mores pop is a fun take on one of the greatest summer snacks of all time, and Strawberry Raspberry Taffy highlights some of the greatest fruity flavors around.

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“Summer is right around the corner and we want our fans to have it all — whether it’s the sundae bar or the great American campfire s’more — on a stick,” said Jeremy Hrynewycz, Senior Brand Manager, Bomb Pop. “All your favorite desserts are coming to this poolside party, and the flavor and texture game is strong.”

Bomb Pop Middles are available wherever Bomb Pop products are sold. To find them in your area, you can use Bomb Pop’s store locator. Boxes of 10 range from $4.99 to $5.49, depending on where they’re sold.



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