Bud Light Introduced Freeze-A-Rita Pops And We’re Ready to Stock Our Freezers


Under normal circumstances, hitting the midpoint of April would indicate that we’re just a few weeks away from Cinco de Mayo, a somewhat culturally appropriative day hailed as the unofficial start to outdoor Margarita drinking season. While you probably won’t find a ton of bars with patios open by May 5, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a frozen ‘rita or two of your own. And thanks to a new product offering, you don’t even really need a blender to get that warm weather buzz going.

That’s because some of Bud Light’s collection of Ritas (themselves a spinoff from the concept of Bud Light Lime) will soon be available as a series of “Freeze-A-Rita Frozen Margarita Icicles.” They look and probably feel similar to the Otter Pops or Flavor Ices of your childhood, except with the obvious 21 and up twist of alcohol. Fittingly, they’ll be available starting in May.

In this case, each of the twelve “icicles” sold in a pack (divided evenly into six Lime-A-Rita and six Straw-Ber-Rita) come loaded with 8 percent alcohol by volume, which matches the ABV of Ritas’ existing line of sparkling canned margaritas. Of course the tradeoff here is that each Icicle only weighs in at two fluid ounces, or 1/4th the size of a canned Lime-A-Rita or Straw-Ber-Rita.
So if you want to get the same kind of warm, fuzzy feeling you get from one can, you’ll need to power through four of these Icicles and the accompanying brain freeze.

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The release of this Rita-based option further suggests that 2020 was really poised to be (and may still turn out to be) the summer of the frozen alcoholic ice pop. Costco has been getting into the alcoholic ice pop mix already, and upstart brand Sliq Spirited Ice sure sounds like it wants to be the White Claw of 2020.

Right now, anyone who says they have a clear picture of what they’ll be up to this summer is lying to you. But even if you can’t get to the beach or venture very far beyond the bounds of your property, there’s no reason you can’t buy a pack of these Frozen Margarita Icicles, sit outside, and be transported to a happier place.


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