Bud Light's ‘Pajameralls’ Are Sure to Turn Heads At Your Next Cookout

As a brand, Bud Light is not above doing ridiculous things for the sake of being ridiculous. These are the guys who brought us “Dilly Dilly” — and have stuck with it… for two years and counting. With that in mind, the idea of releasing a branded pair of “pajameralls” — or pajama overalls with a tropical floral print, no less — sounds downright sensible. But don’t worry, the ridiculous part is coming: It’s suggested you wear them out — like to a party.

In collaboration with the apparel brand Shinesty, Bud Light has officially licensed its name for “The One-Ups,” an $80 pair of “Bud Light Pajameralls.” “Have you ever been the comfiest person at a party?” Shinesty asks on its website. “Well, now you can be. Don’t wear sweaty denim and boat shoes just because you think it’s, ‘hip.’ Wear what your soul desires, a comfy pair of overalls that don’t require clothes underneath. One up the people around you with these Bud Light pajameralls.”

Just for the record, the male model showing off these pajameralls is wearing high-top sneakers but no shirt. The female model also has sneakers, but has opted to cover up a bit with a tank top. Whether either is wearing anything else is not initially apparent.

These pajameralls — which Shinesty has sold in other incarnations that are not Bud Light related — are part of a larger Bud Light collection that the clothing brand apparently released this summer. Other options include things like an equally gaudy Short Sleeve Bud Light Blazer or more straightforward Bud Light logoed swimwear. And if wearing a nothing but a pair of pajama overalls is too much clothing for you, there are also Bud Light Kimonos! But regardless of what you pick, Shinesty states it’s “bound to turn heads from the BBQ to last call” by showing people “what casual Friday really means.” Yeah, turns out simply wearing your favorite beer t-shirt isn’t enough anymore.

Meanwhile, despite this new fashion line, Bud Light is still keeping its day job as a beer — and today, Anheuser-Busch is releasing their special Bud Light “Gloria Brew” created to honor the St. Louis Blues’ Stanley Cup victory. This batch of Bud Light had the team’s unofficial theme song — “Gloria” by Laura Branigan — playing by its side 24-7 throughout the entire brewing process. The limited-edition aluminum bottles also feature “Gloria Gloria” written on the top, “2019 Champs” on the side, and the Blues logo right on the front.

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