Cape Cod Brings Back Their Limited-Edition Chip Collaboration With Sam Adams


No matter the weather, no matter the occasion, there are few better food pairings out there than chips and beer. Whether you’re watching the big game or beach-bound, the combination of a salty crunch with those refreshing suds is pretty hard to beat. Everyone has their own preferences, but you can bet that many New Englanders frequently pair Cape Cod chips with a six pack or two of Sam Adams (arguments about the Patriots or Red Sox are an optional accessory).

Now, those two summer staples found everywhere from Block Island to Bar Harbor and far beyond have joined forces for a bag of Cape Cod Summer chips, explicitly designed to achieve flavor synchronicity with Sam Adams’ Summer Ale. According to the Hyannis, Massachusetts-based chip makers, it’s a homage to the citrus notes of Sam Adams’ Summer Ale, thanks to “the simple elegance of the cracked pepper and the lemon.”

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In case you’re unfamiliar with one of Boston Beer Company’s more popular brews, it’s a 5.3% ABV American wheat ale, marked by bright tasting notes of orange, lime, and lemon, making it perfectly drinkable on a summer day, no added pickle required.

Just like summer itself, these bags of Cape Cod Summer chips will only be around for a limited time. You should be able to track them down at retailers nationwide, wherever Cape Cod chips are sold. I’m not sure if their factory is open for tours at the moment, but I can tell you that the experience is frankly a bit underwhelming.

So if you’re upset that Mookie Betts just signed a massive extension with the Dodgers and Tom Brady is about to play in Tampa Bay, eat your feelings with these chips and wash them down with a few Summer Ales. You, Fitzy, and Sully all deserve it.


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