Chocolate-Stuffed Marshmallows Are Almost Here, and S’Mores Will Never Be The Same

Summer isn’t summer without biting into a s’more around the campfire and tasting the ooey-gooey marshmallow combine with the melted chocolate. The amalgamation of the two sweets is childhood summer in food form.

But as amazing as s’mores are, anyone who has ever made one has surely been frustrated by the fact that the chocolate never gets as melted as you want it to. No matter how hot you get your marshmallow (even if it catches aflame, as many of you have also surely experienced), oftentimes parts of the chocolate remain solid. Recognizing this common dilemma, Stuffed Puffs came up with a new type of marshmallow to hopefully save the day.

Stuffed Puffs takes one major step out of the s’mores making process, putting the chocolate inside the marshmallow. Roast them over the fire and they look just like normal giant marshmallows, but take a bite and you’ll find that the core—aka the chocolate—melted first, held in place by it’s toasted marshmallow shell.

While you may be ready to get your perfect s’more on like, now, you’ll have to wait a just a little while longer. Stuffed Puffs’ Instagram feed notes that the marshmallows will be available at Walmart starting April 28, just in time for campfire season.

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