Dunkin' Offers 50-Cent Espresso Shots to Perk You Up After Labor Day Weekend

Dunkin' Offers 50-Cent Espresso Shots to Perk You Up After Labor Day Weekend

Monday is Labor Day — where the joys of a three-day weekend quickly succumb to the sad reality that summer is over. Dunkin' feels your pain — or at least feels it as much as a restaurant chain can understand the emotions of a human — which is why the chain has decided to launch its own follow up holiday to Labor Day: "Back to the Grind Day."

Understanding that everyone may need a bit of a pick-me-up on Tuesday, September 3, Dunkin' has created Back to the Grind Day as a way "to energize its fans and make the day a little less tough." Specifically, that means cheap espresso and the chance to win more free espresso.

On the cheap espresso front, the chain explains, "To give people extra fuel for the day, participating Dunkin' restaurants nationwide have a special espresso deal for September 3 only, offering to add an espresso shot to any beverage for 50 cents." Keep in mind, Dunkin' has already launched its fall pumpkin menu — meaning now is a perfect time to add an extra bit of caffeine a Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Signature Latte.

Furthermore, Dunkin' says that, on September 3, they'll be "giving fans the chance to score free espresso beverages for an entire decade." The brand is being coy about how you can go about entering this intriguing contest. Instead, all they're saying is that you should follow along on Dunkin's Instagram this coming Tuesday for more info.

You know what: I'm in. Not enough holidays have built-in recovery days. Thanksgiving has Friday, but since Americans don't do Boxing Day (big missed opportunity, everyone), that's about it. I guess New Year's Eve has New Year's Day — but that's more of reverse engineering. Regardless, Back to the Grind Day. Gimme cheap coffee. Why not? It sure beats the previous, de facto "Bury Your Head in Your Hands Day."

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