Food secrets: Sainsbury’s popular Christmas item with ‘unusual’ ingredient a ‘travesty’

Sainsbury's releases Christmas advert

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The Channel 4 documentary shows how the retailer prepares for a spectacular Christmas 2021.

One of the most important things at Christmas time is that supermarkets introduce new items.

Sainsbury’s created some interesting delicacies for an extra special Christmas.

From a vegan gammon, which was described as a “not very traditional Christmas roast dinner”, to a very peculiar sushi roll.

The festive creation had an “unusual sushi ingredient”: pigs in blankets.

Called pigs in snowy blanket dragon roll, Sainsbury’s introduced the new Christmassy item at the beginning of the season.

Apart from the traditional sushi ingredients, the roll included cranberry sauce, pigs in blankets and chilli flakes on top.

“It’s something to be amazed about,” the food developer said.

However, many shoppers were shocked and took to social media to comment on the peculiar creation. 

Twitter user Luke Elkins said: “Please don’t ruin pigs and blankets like that @sainsburys #SainsburysChristmas.”

Another shopper called Lou commented: “Whoever thought you can just put a sausage in sushi is maniac and should be on some kind of register.”

Martin Shore said: “An hour long programme about ‘some’ of your items. Sushi and vegan roast.

“Really traditional that. Merry Christmas.”

User Sharon Gaffka agreed: “Who is responsible for this?

“I just wanna talk.”

During the show, some shoppers shared their opinion with one saying: “That’s just a travesty that’s not sushi at all.”

“I don’t think anyone who’s into sushi will like a sausage in it.

“It’s funny but I don’t think it will be very popular,” said another one.

The show also unveiled Christmas is the time when more alcohol is sold to the point the supermarket has to hire three extra members of the staff just to help keep the booze shelves restocked.

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