‘Foolproof’ meethod to make homemade pepperoni pizza in 10 minutes

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The air fryer is an incredible kitchen gadget that has exponentially increased in popularity this year, not only for its diverse use but also because it is quicker and cheaper than other conventional cooking methods like an oven or hob. So, if you’re looking for an easy recipe to try this weekend, why not consider making a pizza in the air fryer? 

Becky Excell, also known as @beckexcell on TikTok shared a quick video for air fryer pizza. 

The clip began with: “Can you cook pizza in the Air Fryer? The answer is yes and I’m going to show you how.

“For this, I use my really simple two-ingredient yoghurt dough which is literally foolproof.” 

The pizza base is made using 260g of Greek yoghurt and 250g of self-raising flour which she just mixes together in a bowl. 

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“You just roll it out to the size of your Air Fryer basket on baking paper,” she continues. 

Becky said the amount of dough she made is enough to create three pizza bases. 

The base is then cooked in the air fryer for six minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees Celcius. 

She then removes it and flips it over, before adding her toppings of choice. 

Becky made a classic pepperoni pizza, first adding tomato sauce, before spreading a layer of grated cheese and slices of pepperoni. 

The pizza is then returned to the air fryer to cook for “three to four more minutes”. 

Becky added: “Obviously the size of the pizza depends on the size of your air fryer but if yours is smaller, you can make loads of diddy pizzas.

“Still super delicious as well as being so quick and easy to make – it’s basically like a mini pizza oven!” She remarked. 

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Becky’s video has been watched over 52k times and many have shared their tips to improve the recipe. 

There’s a quicker version of air fryer pizza that has been watched by 5.7million people. 

Some claim it’s not actually pizza, but it’s a healthier version that tastes similar. 

@curtisocamp shared his method and began by spraying the air fryer basket with a generous amount of spray oil. 

He then placed a tortilla wrap onto the basket and then sprinkled a thin layer of grated cheese on top, before adding a second tortilla over it. 

“Add your sauce, make sure you spread it nice and good, all the way around,” he added.

Another sprinkling of cheese took place, before seasoning with oregano and salt and finally spraying the outside inch with oil to make sure the “crust crisps up”. 

The air fryer is then set to air crisp most, at 200 degrees Celcius for six minutes. 

Some claimed he had made a “quesadilla with marinara” or a “cheese wrap” because he didn’t add pepperoni. 

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