‘Hard as a rock to fresh as a daisy’: Amazing hack makes stale bread fresh again ‘simple’

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Chef Tristan Welch has a large following on TikTok where he shares recipes and food hacks. He has 82.5k followers on his TikTok account, where he specialises in low-waste cooking. His tip to make stale bread fresh again has amassed 3.7 million views.

He also runs the Parker’s Tavern restaurant in Cambridge, including its monthly supper club.

The event focuses on “using only ingredients that were destined for the bin due to sell-by dates, dented packaging or being unpopular offcuts or wonky products.”

He explained how to revitalise stale bread.

Tristan said: “From hard as a rock to fresh as a daisy – revive your stale bread using this simple tip.

“I recommend enjoying it warm with a lot of butter.”

He went on: “We’re eliminating food waste and bringing this bread back to life.”

How to make stake bread fresh again

Tristan explains how it is vital to get your stale loaf very wet before using heat to revitalise it.

He said: “First up, take your loaf of bread and put it under the tap until it’s completely soaking with water.

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“Now pop it in a hot oven 200 degrees for about five minutes.”

He added that larger loaves will need a little longer in the oven.

He pulled the freshly resurrected load out of the fridge and said: “Look at that.

“All you need now is a lot of butter and someone to eat it.”

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Some fans were wowed by the tip. One wrote: “If this is real, you’re literally saving my life.”

“As someone who hates wasting food this was so satisfying!” another said.

Another wrote: “My mom used to always do this growing up…was always such a treat! Love it to this day!”

Another suggested another way to revitalise bread. They said: “Or you can put it in an air fryer and have hot and crunchy bread again.”

Another expert suggested a food storage hack to prevent the bread from going off so quickly. 

The kitchen expert, who goes by The Board Housewife, advised: “Keep buns of bread from moulding by adding a fresh celery stick in the bag.”

Does celery make bread last longer? According to anecdotal evidence, yes it does.

It is thought that the bread absorbs moisture from the celery, which stops it from drying out.

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