Heinz Mac and Cheese In a Can Exists and You Can Buy It on Amazon

WARNING: What you’re about to read will disturb some people and delight others. Proceed with caution. 

Well, folks, it seems that Heinz is selling macaroni and cheese in a can. 

You’ll notice that the can is labeled Macaroni Cheese, not Macaroni and Cheese. Is there a difference? Not at all. Apparently people in the U.K. leave out the “and” when referring to the cheesy pasta. 

We have a lot of questions about the product but very few answers. All we know is that it’s sold on Amazon. Here’s what its description has to say for itself: "A simple touch or two can make Heinz Macaroni Cheese even tastier. Heinz Macaroni Cheese. Made with a creamy cheese sauce."

A lot of people are mad about the idea of canned mac and cheese. Honestly, though, I’m not sure why. First of all, let’s not act like Chef Boyardee isn’t already a thing. Beefaroni exists and it’s delightful. This isn’t that different, people, so calm down. 

Second of all, what the heck did you expect?! These are the people behind Mayochup and Kranch. Macaroni Cheese should not come as a surprise. 

That said, the reviews for Macaroni Cheese are in—and they’re, uh, not good. 

 “so delicious best quality just kiding (sic) its trash,” wrote one disappointed reviewer on Amazon. 

Still want to try it for yourself? No judgment here. One can (or tin, as the Brits say) will set you back $3.05, plus $6.49 for shipping. 

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