How to make the ‘perfect’ pumpkin spice latte at home – and save money

Starbucks tease the return of their Pumpkin Spice Latte

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Autumn marks the beginning of “pumpkin spice latte season” thanks to the growing popularity of the sweet, coffee-based drink. Pumpkin spice lattes were initially the creation of US-based coffee house, Starbucks.

As the trend has grown, more and more coffee shops and cafes around the world have begun to stock their own version of the pumpkin spice latte.

Most recently, Greggs announced it will be selling its own take on pumpkin spice lattes this year.

But, for fans who are eager to grab a cup on their next outing, there is a cost associated.

Pumpkin spice lattes vary in price depending on where you purchase it from, with Greggs one of the cheapest at £1.95 a cup and Starbucks selling the original beverage for £3.55 for a tall (small).

However, making the beverage yourself at home could be the key to saving money and enjoy pumpkin spice lattes all season long.

Experts from have unveiled how you can do just that.

With the help of Sanjay, a spokesperson for Spice Kitchen, the coffee pros shed some light on how to make the “perfect” Pumpkin Spice Latte.

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How to make a Pumpkin Spice Latte at home

1. Making your own pumpkin puree.

The first step to making a pumpkin spice latte is to create a delicious homemade puree.

For this, you will need a fresh pumpkin.

Sanjay explained: “The first step is to make the pumpkin puree. First, you must slice, deseed and then devein your pumpkin.”

“In a preheated oven, bake the pumpkin for 45 minutes at 190C (374F).

Blend in a food processor until smooth.”

2. Create a spice blend.

Sanjay said: “As you wait for your pumpkin to bake, you can start creating your spice blend.

“The perfect blend is as follows – four teaspoons of ground cinnamon, two teaspoons of ground ginger, one teaspoon of ground cloves, and a half teaspoon ground nutmeg.”

3. Warm your milk.

Pumpkin spice lattes use a creamy undertone to match the spice blend.

Either dairy milk or a milk alternative can be used for this.

In a pan, warm two mugs-worth of your chosen milk.

4. Combine the ingredients.

Once your ingredients are prepared, it is time to combine them in order to create your autumnal drink.

Sanjay explained: “Add two tablespoons of pumpkin puree, one tablespoon of sugar, one tablespoon of vanilla extract, one shot espresso and half a teaspoon of your spice mix and whisk until smooth.”

5. Add your chosen toppings.

While the beverage can be enjoyed as soon as the ingredients are combined, adding toppings can make the drink just a little bit more luxurious.

For a truly authentic latte, Sanjay recommends serving with “whipped cream, a dusting of cocoa powder and a cinnamon stick for stirring.”

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