Huge World Cup-inspired sandwich features a delicacy from all 8 groups

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Brits were asked to vote on the best national sandwich filling from all eight groups, resulting in the 8-inch-tall behemoth.

It also features steak from Argentina, maple bacon from Canada – and, to represent England, a dollop of Coronation chicken.

In group G, Brazilian bauru – melted cheese and tomato, a popular sandwich filling in the country – topped the list out of the other front-runners, ahead of Swiss cheese, and Serbian delicacy, zaltibor.

All eight ingredients were stuffed between four thick slices of tiger bread, voted by the nation as the best vessel for the gargantuan snack.

The sandwich was created by Warburtons, whose chairman, Jonathan Warburton, said: “The ultimate football sandwich is certainly drool-worthy.

“It ticks all the boxes to make for a great match-watching occasion, and we’re excited to recreate the barm at home to accompany our sofa-side support of the footy.”

It comes as research of 2,000 adults found 28 percent admitted to being self-confessed sandwich lovers, typically scoffing four each week.

Nearly a fifth (19 percent) have a sandwich for every lunchtime meal, favouring tiger bread to keep everything in place.

The study also found three-quarters of respondents (76 percent) enjoy eating foods from different places around the world.

But 50 percent describe their usual food preferences as “traditional” – compared to only 14 percent, who would use the term “eclectic”.

However, 51 percent are passionate about expanding their food horizons, according to the OnePoll data.

And in the last year, of those who have tried a new cuisine, on average they’ll have tucked into three different types.

Jonathan Warburton added: “We encourage every opportunity to bring friends and family together through a shared love of food and community.

“This year we hope to bring some extra joy sandwiched between the matches.”

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