‘It really works!’ Keep strawberries fresh for 10 days with simple food storage hack

Alan Titchmarsh demonstrates how to grow your own strawberries

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It is officially strawberry season and packets of the beautiful red fruit are flying off the shelves across Britain. Whether you prefer your strawberries dipped in chocolate, drizzled with cream, or simply on their own, here’s how you should be storing them to make sure they don’t go mouldy. 

Mike from Kitchen Tips Online revealed a storage hack that one of his subscribers, Nancy Emmons had shared. 

Mike explained: “If you want your strawberries to last a long time when you get them home, you want to pick the freshest strawberries you can find. 

“In a supermarket, that means you want to get the packet of strawberries at the back or on the bottle of the pile. 

“Look at the strawberries really close; if you see any mould or any major bruising on the strawberries, put that pack back and get another one. 

“And that’s because, what we’re essentially trying to do to make our strawberries last is mould control,” he added. 

“We don’t want to start out with mould right off the bat. 

“It turns out that the mould on your strawberries needs moisture and oxygen to grow. 

“And that’s why I recommend you don’t wash the strawberries before you store them. 

“Look at my strawberries, they were not washed, and they were in my fridge for 10 days,” Mike remarked. 

“It turns out, the best way to keep strawberries fresh is to not wash them until you are ready to eat them, and to keep them in a sealed jar in your fridge, denying oxygen to the mould.” 

But does this storage hack really work? Steph Gigliotti, with the TikTok, handle stephgigliotti28 tried it out. 

In a video posted to her account, she said: “Not sure if you knew this? I found this tip a couple of months ago, and I’ve been testing it out and it works so well. 

“If you put your fruit like strawberries in a glass jar in the fridge, they stay fresh for two to three weeks. 

“And I’ve been testing it out and it works amazing.” 

Fans flocked to the comments section with their thoughts. 

One suggested: “Add a paper towel at the bottom and it’ll be even longer!!!” 

A second chimed: “My grandma always told me to do this! She says putting a paper towel over top helps too.” 

Another commented: “Refrigerators dry out all food items. It doesn’t have to be glass, anything that will keep air from getting to it will work.” 

Someone added: “And they last even longer if you put them at the bottom of the fridge instead of the top.” 

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