Jif Is Releasing a Peanut Butter Pouch And We Want to Squeeze It on Everything


The past decade has seen a verifiable explosion in the types of nut (and non-nut) butters available. But for all the innovation in what we can use as a salty, creamy spread, the delivery system has remained stubbornly unchanged: scoop it out of the jar and apply. When it’s empty, spend half an hour rinsing the last remnants from said jar so it can be recycled. There has to be a better way.

As it turns out, there now is. Jif (pronounced like the wrong way to say gif) will soon sell their popular peanut butter in a powerful, portable, and easy-to-squeeze pouch. Officially dubbed Jif Squeeze Creamy Peanut Butter, this toothpaste-like tube allows for a more direct and controlled disbursement of peanut butter. That makes it handy for smoother spreading, allowing for more precise control over your ants on a log and other snacks. Not only that, but the ability to use gravity and force to expel peanut butter from its vessel means you don’t need any of those pesky utensils.

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Weighing in at 13 ounces of creamy peanut butter per pouch, it’s a little bit smaller than your standard 16-ounce jar of peanut butter, but those lost three ounces are a small price to pay for convenience. The pouch also means “no more ‘peanut butter knuckles’” according to a press release, thereby helping you solve a problem you may not even know existed. In that regard, it’s the ultimate American consumer product.

The release also notes that you’ll start seeing these pouches at retailers nationwide beginning in July, making them perfect for a socially distanced picnic or whatever the heck you’ll be doing by that point in time. The spoons and knives in your kitchen will thank you.



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