Keep bread ‘nice and fresh’ for weeks with easy storage tip

Bread comes in all different varieties but one thing all fresh loaves have in common is a short shelf life.

Whether it’s a seeded sourdough or soft white bloomer, choosing the right place to store bread at home is essential to help it stay at its peak freshness for as long as possible.

But while some people reach for the bread bin or fridge, one health blogger has shared an alternative method that’s both “chic and practical at the same time”.

In a video posted on her TikTok profile (@gabys .greens), Gabby shared her “quick bread hack”.

She said: “I feel like most of us have been dealing with mouldy bread and not knowing how to properly store our bread so that it doesn’t get mouldy.

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“And we’re not wasting money and we’re not wasting food because that is my biggest pet peeve.

“So, first things first, a cake stand will do you wonders – it will keep your bread nice and fresh.”

Gabby showed her bread placed underneath the glass lid on the wooden cake stand.

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The bread was cut into slices, which is the first step to storing a fresh loaf for as long as possible.

In the video, the TikTok star noted that she puts half in the cake stand to provide fresh bread for a few days and the rest in the freezer for maximum longevity.

Speaking about the bread under the cake stand, Gabby claimed: “This will lock in the moisture and keep it from moulding… and keep it fresh and not stale.”‌

The remaining slices of bread were placed in an airtight container in the freezer

According to Gabby, these will “taste excellent” when toasted, and come with the added bonus of not wasting any bread or risking it turning mouldy.

TikTok fans eager to try the hack at home rushed to Amazon to buy the very same cake stand used by Gabby, who claimed that it’s one of the first ones that pops up when searching for a glass cover stand on the site.

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