Keep strawberries fresh for 3 weeks with clever storage hack ‘They’ll taste sweeter too!’

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Strawberries are said to be the nation’s favourite fruit, beating raspberries and mango to the top spot. It is no surprise considering Brits eat over 90,000 tonnes of home-grown strawberries each year. Yet many do not know how to store them. Here is a clever storage hack suggested by the berry experts to make sure your strawberries not only last longer but taste better too. 

A new survey, commissioned by Love Fresh Berries to celebrate National Berry Month has revealed two-thirds of those who took part are storing strawberries incorrectly. 

The results showed 64 percent were opting to store them loosely in the kitchen rather than in the fridge. 

Most strawberries bought from a supermarket come in a plastic clamshell box. 

They have holes along the bottom to allow airflow around the berries. 


Many households won’t think twice about changing the packaging, and will simply place the packet of strawberries inside the fridge. 

This method works fine to store strawberries for a few days, but by the end of the week, some of the fruit will have gone mushy and mould will have started to grow. 

To keep strawberries lasting as long as possible, there are a few ways to store them. 

Many experts suggest giving the strawberries a ‘vinegar bath’. 

Simply put, stir one cup of vinegar into two cups of water and place the strawberries in the bowl. 

Let them sit in there for a couple of minutes and then remove them and rings the berries. 

Allow them to dry and then place them back in the original container and into the fridge. 

Love Fresh Berries, however, suggests “storing them in glass mason jars or airtight containers in the fridge”.

Skip the washing phase and simple stack them loosely so they don’t squish each other, tighten the lid and place them in the fridge. 

After a week the strawberries will look as fresh as they did on day one. 

Strawberries can be kept for two to three weeks in a mason jar. 

To get better tasting strawberries, Love Fresh Berries said: “Allow berries to warm up to room temperature before eating to release natural flavours and sugars.” 

This means the strawberries will be sweeter in flavour. 

Anyone who notices their berries go mushy quickly, simply “lay them on a paper towel when storing to absorb moisture”.  

Moisture “often a cause of berries spoiling quicker” the experts revealed.

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