Kit Kat Birthday Cake Arrives This April — And We've Already Tried It

Kit Kat Birthday Cake

Kit Kat endures as one of the most iconic candies. The combination of creamy milk chocolate and crispy wafers remains steadfast in the hearts and minds of candy lovers across the globe.

As consumer demand for more flavor creativity grows, Kit Kat (and its parent company Hershey's) have been delivering with new releases like Sweet Cinnamonduring the Holidays, Mint Chocolate Duo, and most recently Raspberry Crème and Lemon Crisp. But even with all these new releases, the Kit Kat crowds are always demanding more — and Hershey's is planning to deliver big in 2020.

In April, Kit Kat will release a limited-edition Kit Kat Birthday Cake. With the crispy wafers you know and love, this Kit Kat features the brand's signature white crème confection that's studded with colorful sprinkles. Indeed, it's the first-ever Kit Kat to feature sprinkles, and there are dozens in every bite.

Kit Kat Birthday Cake Candy

I recently tasted the new Kit Kat Birthday Cake candies, fresh from the candy molds in Hershey, Pa. Hershey's invited a group of journalists to the historic candy town and into their candy labs. We got to see first-hand how the food scientists at Hershey's take ideas from dreams to reality. And let me tell you, it's magic.

While the balance of the crispy wafers and smooth white crème is exactly what you've come to love and expect in a Kit Kat, the hint of subtle crispy crunch with the sprinkles is an all-new sensation. The flavor is spot on for birthday cake: It's warm and vanilla-y with hints of just-baked goodness. It's quite sweet — but so is birthday cake.

The birthday cake flavor is very on trend for sweets and treats. Last year, Dr. Pepper released a Birthday Cake version of is soda. Cool Whip did the same with a new version of its fluffy topping. Birthday cake coffee creamer from International Delight just rolled out at the end of 2019. And fast food chain Wendy's, in celebration of their 50th birthday, turned their beloved Frosty into a birthday cake frozen treat. Kit Kat's Birthday Cake variety gets a warm welcome to the birthday cake flavor phenomenon.

The Kit Kat Birthday Cake candies will start showing up on shelves in April 2020, but they'll only be out for a limited time. So if you're planning a fun birthday party and can't imagine it without these Kit Kats now that you've seen how cute they are, you'll need to save a few for the special day.

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