Krispy Kreme Is Going Green for St. Patrick’s Day


We’re mere days away from St. Patrick’s day, which means all of your most obnoxious friends already locked in their bar crawl itinerary and picked out their goofiest green outfits. Whether or not you plan to spend the entirety of March 17 getting blasted on Jameson and Guinness, you should probably eat breakfast that day.

For that, look no further than these sweet, seasonal Krispy Kreme doughnuts that’ll get you ready to kiss the proverbial Blarney Stone.

Krispy Kreme doughnuts are going green from March 14-17 in honor of St. Patrick's Day! Additionally, there will be an ultra-limited Leprechaun Trap doughnut. The doughnut has an Irish Kreme filling and is decorated like a pot of gold. It's available in "limited quantities each day." These will be out in both the US and Canada.

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As you can see from the above, Krispy Kreme has decided to go green this year. Not in a way that will reduce their carbon footprint, but one that will hopefully expand your doughnut footprint. In particular, all of their classic doughnuts will be available with green frosting and other verdant accents from March 14 through the 17. To add to the experience in a way that mildly appropriates Irish culture, they’ll also be changing the name of their original glazed doughnut to the “O’riginal” because hey, why not.

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The one aspect of this that’ll really turn your gluten-free friends green with envy is the limited-edition “Leprechaun Trap” doughnut. This particular treat looks like an overzealous leprechaun (probably not from Mobile, Alabama) has gotten himself stuck headfirst in a pot of gold. Or maybe he just wanted to really dive into the “Irish Kreme” filling you’ll find once you take a bite. It really could go either way.

As with all things that celebrate the man who drove Ireland’s snakes into the sea sometime around the fifth century, this offer will only be around for the aforementioned four day window. You’ll also only find these green doughnuts at participating Krispy Kreme locations, and the Leprechaun Trap doughnut is “ultra-limited,” meaning it's probably slightly easier to find than a four-leaf clover but not by that much.

So if you’re planning to go hard on March 17, just make sure you get something to eat first. You can certainly do much worse than these green doughnuts when it comes to getting into Patty’s mindset.




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