Lidl shoppers’ ‘secret weapon’ for cheap Christmas Day dinner – here’s how to save

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For many people, Christmas isn’t complete without a dinner of turkey, Brussels sprouts and pigs in blankets. Food for a Christmas Day feast can be bought from supermarkets including Lidl, Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s.

Most brands will offer high quality food at competitive prices.

The Channel 5 documentary delved into the secrets of Christmas food and revealed how savings could be made.

It shared where the cheapest place to buy all the Christmas trimmings.

The narrator stated: “When we went shopping, Lidl’s standard medium frozen turkey was retailing at £3.24 per kilogram.

“Of the big four, Asda was the same price but beating them all was rival discounter Aldi with a maximum price per kilogram of £3.12.”

The documentary explained Lidl was among the cheapest places to pick up a turkey this year.

However, it was beaten in price by Aldi in the comparison made in the programme.

While it may not offer the cheapest turkey, Lidl customers could still cut back on the costs of their Christmas dinner.

The discount supermarket chain was ranked as one of the most affordable places to pick up vegetables for Christmas dinner.

“It knows it might not emerge victorious in [the turkey] price war so it spreads its bets,” the narrator stated.

“Vegetables are priced on razor thin margins and this year loose carrots are going at 41p per kilogram.

“We couldn’t find any cheaper, although Tesco and Sainsbury’s were the same price.”

What’s more, the supermarket has offered a way for savvy shoppers to save on festive trimmings, but they must be quick.

At the end of each day, leftover fruit and vegetables are placed into a box to be sold for a reduced price.

While stocks are limited, it could be a great way for those visiting stores to get essentials for their Christmas dinner plates.

The narrator explained: “To ensure it can’t be outdone, the discounter has a secret weapon – what it calls the five kilogram fruit and veg box or what you might call leftovers.”

The box comes in at just £1.50 and the documentary reviewed one which included fresh broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, oranges and potatoes.

The narrator added: “For £1.50 that is a pretty good haul of vegetables and these are all things that otherwise would have been wasted.

“Is this necessarily the vegetables that you’re going to have for your Christmas Day dinner? It’s hard to say because you don’t know exactly what’s going to be in here.

“But if you want to get your hands on one, be quick because these things sell out.”

The stock inside the boxes can vary and will depend on what is available for shoppers in their local stores.

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