McDonald’s hack to avoid soggy chips – ‘way crunchier’

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A viral TikTok video put a behind-the-scenes McDonald’s worker recommendation to the test. Speaking to Yahoo, a former worker for the fast food giant said they had the key to ensuring your chips stay fresh on the drive home from the restaurant.

In a video shared by @yahoouk, a woman tried out the hack to determine whether it was actually true.

She said: “An ex-McDonald’s employee shared a tip on how to stop your chips from getting soggy on the journey home so I am going to test it and see if it works.

“The hack says to keep the bag open and put the chips horizontally.”

The female can be seen visiting a McDonald’s drive-through and ordering her chips before driving home.

She explained: “To test if the hack worked I got another [portion of] chips and kept them upright with the bag closed.” [SIC]

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“And then it was time to bring the chips home. The drive took about 10 minutes and it was so hard not to sneak a chip with all of the lovely smells. “As soon as I got home I rushed them inside to do a taste test.”

She conducted a side-by-side taste test of both chips, starting with the closed bag of chips which is the typical way most people transport their chips home.

She said the chip tasted like “a standard McDonald’s chip that you’ve driven for 10 minutes with. Good stuff.”

However, she was surprised by the results when trying the bag which had been left open on the drive home as the McDonald’s employee had directed.

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She said: “Way crunchier, this tastes so much fresher than the other one. This is such a good hack genuinely. 10 out of 10 this hack works.”

Although the hack may have been a revelation to the @yahoouk worker, many commenters said this was the way they always carried their chips home.

J Ahmed said: “I mean how is this not common sense? Keeping the bag closed keeps the steam from escaping causing the chips to go soggy..” [SIC]

Commenter Arjenne added: “How did you not know that?”

Other commenters pointed out that by leaving the bag open, your chips could end up being cold by the time you arrive home.

Amarah said this was an element of the hack which “ruins it”.

McDonald’s hack to ensure hot, fresh fries

Elsewhere on TikTok, another user says they have the answer to ensuring you get “hot and fresh” fries every time you order.

According to TikTok page @healthyjunkfood, the key is to “ask for a medium fry with no salt.”

The user said: “We all know they will make it fresh and hot this way, but the new hack is when you roll up to the window and politely ask them for a medium cup and salt packets.

“Pour a few salt packets into the cup, dump in your fries and shake them up.

“With the residual oil, the salt will stick to the fries nicely giving you hot, fresh salted fries.”

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