McDonalds open: McDonalds reopening list – When will McDonalds drive thru reopen?

Last week, McDonald’s spent a week testing its operations in closed restaurants, in preparation to reopen all restaurants for drive thru. reveals the list of drive thrus already open, and when the rest will open.

On announcing the initial openings, McDonald’s UK and Ireland CEO Paul Pomroy said: “Eight weeks ago, we took the decision to close our entire restaurant estate, an unprecedented decision taken in the best interests of our employees and customers.

“Over the last two months we have worked tirelessly to overhaul our operational procedures to enable our teams to return to work safely.

“I want to reiterate the restaurants, drive thrus and their car parks remain closed, we will only be serving food via Uber Eats this week.

“I want to thank the franchisees, managers and employees who are busy preparing for this reopening and wish them all the best for what will undoubtedly be a busy return to the communities in which they operate.”

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Which McDonald’s restaurants are open?

On May 13, at 11am, 15 McDonald’s opened in the South East of England for delivery.

On top of this, 20 more branches opened on May 20.

The 38 restaurants currently open for drive thru, delivery, or both, include:


  • Dunstable
  • Garston (Watford)
  • Luton – Chaul End Lane
  • Luton George Street
  • Luton Leagrave
  • Luton Gipsy Lane Retail Park


  • Boongate Peterborough
  • Bourges Boulevard
  • Eye Green
  • Peterborough Glinton
  • Peterborough Hampton
  • Peterborough Morrisons


  • Boreham Interchange
  • Chelmsford Riverside
  • Chelmsford Regiment Business Park
  • Chelmsford Westway


  • Ipswich Cardinal Park
  • Ipswich Ranelagh Road
  • Ipswich Ravenswood
  • Ipswich Whitehouse


  • Bushey
  • Watford Hertfordshire Arms


  • Beechings Way
  • Bobbing Sheppey Way
  • Gillingham Bowaters
  • Medway City Estate
  • Medway Valley Park
  • Sittingbourne
  • Strood

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  • Dalston
  • Harrow
  • North Cheam
  • Oldfields Road
  • Tooting
  • Travellers Friend
  • Welling


  • Staines
  • Staines Ashford

When will all McDonalds drive thrus reopen?

Between Tuesday, June 2 and Thursday, June 4, McDonald’s is reopening all 924 of its drive thru restaurants in the UK and Ireland.

Some 75 branches will also be opening with an option for delivery through Uber Eats or Just Eat.

However, you won’t know your local McDonald’s is reopening until hours before.

The company will announce the opening of each restaurant in this way to control demand.

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