McDonald’s Sweet & Sour Dip made from ‘worst fruit to exist’ – claim

TikTok: McDonald's employee shares McFlurry secrets

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The Sweet & Sour dip at McDonald’s is one of its popular staples, perfect for dipping your chips or chicken nuggets. However, when a viral TikTok revealed one of its signature ingredients, not everyone was best pleased.

TikTok user @evs_kii took to the sharing platform in absolute shock at her discovery.

She announced: “Sweet & Sour Sauce, McDonald’s. Am I the only one who didn’t know what fruit it’s made of until today?”

She asked follows to have a guess and then revealed that the key ingredient was “f***king apricot”. She was “shooketh”, meaning shaken.

The video was posted six days ago, and has amassed an incredible 22,800 likes so far.

This suggests that others were left shocked by the fast food news too.

The video has also amassed 275 comments and has been saved 616 times, and forwarded a further 307.

McDonald’s fans took to the comments to express their confusion and in some cases, horror.

@tay commented: “Low-key thought it was pineapple.” @tarajadex added: “I said mango SO confidently. I had idea that it was even a fruit.”

@dems.a.2001 praised the sauce but admitted they were clueless.

They said that while it was “all they eat”, they would “never think” it was apricot based.

Others were pretty disappointed to hear the news and took to TikTok to share their alarm.

@Em Mahmudi was particularly harsh regarding the ingredient:”Hahahahahahaha, the worst fruit to exist makes the tastiest sauce.”

@Dodo said: “Uhmm, Lasy. I would like to know why you would shatter my world view like that. Explain please, thank you.”

@otherwisedeclan added: “So you’re telling me I’ve been dipping my nuggets in apricot jam basically.”

@LittleMissVodka joked: “So McDonald’s is giving one of your five a day.”

Some were absolutely delighted with the news. @itsabbyinit said: “This explains everything, I bloody love apricot.”

But McDonald’s has not been the Sweet & Sour Dip ingredients list secret.

On the fast food chain’s official website, the description of the 30g pot reads: “A sweet/sour apricot flavour, lightly spiced with a sour aftertaste.”

Others couldn’t believe that McDonald’s Sweet Curry Dip is also full of the fruity ingredient.

Its official description reads: “Sweet and sharp tasting sauce with a fruity apricot flavour and delicate spices.”

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