Meet the Kitchn Collective!

Kitchn has always been a site that weaves together many voices. I’ve been looking for a while to add more parent voices to the site, and to bring in a more collected, steady set of resources for parents and those of us with little kids. So today, I am thrilled to introduce you to the Kitchn Collective, a small, hand-picked group of food writers (all parents!) who we will hear from regularly as they share smart, kid-friendly meal plans, recipes, and a monthly virtual potluck that we hope inspires you as you cook for your own families.

These six women are all bloggers and writers who are close to my heart, and picked by me personally as people I follow and appreciate in their take on living well with food and kids. The Kitchn Collective officially launches today, in partnership with Bounty paper towels. Here’s a look at who they are, and an invite to follow them — if you don’t already!

Alice Choi of Hip Foodie Mom

Alice Choi is a blogger, writer, and smart recipe developer and curious cook. Alice is such a wonderful voice and inspiration to us! She lives outside of Philadelphia with her family, including two school-age daughters, and she has shared many recipes and good ideas with us right here on Kitchn.

  • Visit Alice’s website: Hip Foodie Mom
  • Follow Alice on Instagram and on YouTube

Amy Palanjian of Yummy Toddler Food

Amy Palanjian is a writer, editor, recipe developer, and mama who lives in a small town in Iowa. I’ve long loved Amy’s brand of smart, realistic, reassuring advice for feeding toddlers (especially picky ones!). We love her work and you can read more of it right here at Kitchn.

  • Visit Amy’s website: Yummy Toddler Food
  • Follow Amy on Instagram

Becky Hardin of The Cookie Rookie

We adore Becky’s fun, smart recipes at her blog The Cookie Rookie, where she writes about learning to cook after the age of 30 (“I didn’t pick up a pot or pan until after my 30th birthday, so if I can learn, so can you,” she says.) She has an adorable little boy and lives in Missouri.

  • Visit Becky’s website: The Cookie Rookie
  • Follow Becky on Instagram and on YouTube

Jenné Claiborne of Sweet Potato Soul

Jenné is a writer and cookbook author I’ve followed for years and have so much respect for. Her cookbook is one of the most gorgeous, delicious collections of vegan food, and her really thoughtful posts and videos on new motherhood have been really inspiring (love this one especially).

  • Visit Jenné’s website: Sweet Potato Soul
  • Follow Jenné on Instagram and on YouTube

Jocelyn Delk Adams of Grandbaby Cakes

I have been the biggest fan of Jocelyn for years. Her brand of colorful, family-driven baking is so inspiring and joyful. When I think about baking to create memories with my own kids, Jocelyn’s recipes and words are a place I turn.

  • Visit Jocelyn’s website: Grandbaby Cakes
  • Follow Jocelyn on Instagram and on YouTube

Lindsay Grimes Freedman of The Toasted Pine Nut

Lindsay is the home cook, photographer, and voice behind The Toasted Pine Nut — food that doesn’t skimp on flavor even with the range of dietary needs she is navigating with her husband’s Type 1 Diabetes. She offers low-glycemic and gluten-free recipes and creative dishes that show how simple and flavorful healthy food can be.

  • Visit Lindsay’s website: The Toasted Pine Nut
  • Follow Lindsay on Instagram and on YouTube

Follow and read — we’ll be bringing you more from each of these members of the Kitchn Collective this fall and winter.

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