Mint Chocolate Chip Oreos Are Happening This Summer

Oreo is partnering with Baskin Robbins to create a mint chocolate chip sandwich cookie and, honestly, I don’t think summer is ready for this.

The flavor will feature both mint and chocolate cremes with chocolate chips. The seasonal product will join S’mores Oreos (re-released today!) on shelves this July.

But that’s not all! The good people at Oreo have been quite busy lately—the brand just announced three more flavors set to launch this year:

  • Oreo Thins Latte will “bring the spirit of your local barista to the cookie aisle.” This permanent addition to the Oreo lineup will be available in June.
  • Limited-edition Marshmallow Moon Oreos, coming in June, will mark the 50th anniversary of the Apollo lunar landing. The cookies will feature “moon-landing designs” and purple marshmallow creme. The best part? Each glow-in-the-dark package will come a sticker set.
  • The fall-inspired Maple Creme Oreos, coming in late August, will feature maple creme sandwiched between two Golden Oreo cookies.

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