M&S shoppers amazed ‘delicious’ pizza is only 420 calories

TikTok user tries our 420 calorie Marks and Spencer pizza

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M&S has caused quite the storm on TikTok after a video raved about a new pizza which contains just 420 calories.

The TikToker, named ReadyMealQueen, began the video excitedly saying: “420 calories for a whole pizza, I have got to try this!” She then takes the ultra-thin pizza with Italian mozzarella & pesto out of the box and says: “ooh that does look really good, so yummy, I cannot wait to try this.

“The instructions say six to eight minutes in the oven. So, I am just going to shove it on a baking tray.”

When opening the packaging, she said the smell was amazing.

After six minutes in the oven, she gave the pizza a taste and said: “That is banging, definitely would buy again.”

Shoppers were loving the new discovery and rushed to comment. One said: “I have had this pizza it is so good.”

Another replied: “I was surprised how low in calories it is because it tasted so good!”

A third said: “The Sainsbury’s stonebaked pizzas are amazing too. They are about 300-400 calories.” 

The M&S website says that the new pizza range was inspired by a growing trend for lower calorie pizzas in restaurants.

The company says: “We have made it easier to treat yourself to a restaurant-quality pizza at home with our new smaller Wood Fired pizza range.

“Packed with flavour but controlled in terms of size and calories. Just because they are small does not mean we have compromised on taste.” 

The range includes four pizza flavours all under 500 calories. You can get mozzarella and pesto, salami Firenze, pollo primavera and chargrilled vegetables with pesto.

You can buy the pizza featured in the video for £3 in M&S stores.

For more lower calorie takeaway meals, Express.co.uk spoke to Signe Svanfeldt, nutritionist at Lifesum, to find out which takeaways are the healthiest to order.

She said when ordering fish and chips you should ask for them to be topping-free and you can add a small amount yourself at home.

The batter is what soaks up all of the fat, so either order breadcrumb-coated fish or don’t eat the batter.

Signe added: “Try to include some vegetables, like green peas or choose potato wedges instead of chips if possible!”

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The thicker the chips the better, according to the NHS website. Thicker chips absorb less fat.

She also said when it comes to Italian pasta dishes, you should opt for a tomato or vegetable sauce rather than a creamy sauce.

And for Chinese takeaways, the healthiest options are those rich in vegetables, so go for soups and steamed vegetables rather than battered pork balls and egg fried rice.

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