New Heinz Label Proves You Might Have Been Pouring Ketchup The Wrong Way All Along

mr Heinz Ketchup Pour Label

Since the late 19th century (1876, to be exact), American eaters have been vexed by a single, stubbornly persistent problem when it comes to the application of condiments: how the heck are you supposed to get ketchup out of a Heinz glass bottle?

Though time and technology have provided alternative methods of ketchup distribution, the continued pervasiveness of those glass bottles at old-timey diners and even ostensibly modern restaurants has forced even Gen Z’ers to make the Sophie’s choice between a plate flooded with ketchup and no ketchup at all.

Thankfully, those days are over, because Heinz has disrupted the glass bottle ketchup game with their new Pour-Perfect bottle. Of course, they didn’t actually do anything to the actual bottle itself to make pouring ketchup any easier. But they did tilt the logo so you can see exactly what angle at which you’re supposed to hold the bottle for what they refer to as “the perfect pouring angle.”

As you might’ve gathered from watching the video, the traditional Heinz logo is supposed to be perfectly right-side up when you’ve placed it in the perfect pouring position. That should hopefully leave you with the right amount of ketchup on a plate rather than the all or nothing binary that usually results from tilting a Heinz bottle completely upside down.

At the moment, you can only get your hands on this new, graphic-design-as-innovation bottle in Canada. I guess our neighbors to the north can be trusted with this sort of information in a way that the average American consumer cannot. Either way, stop trying to press that 57 button (that isn’t a button) or tapping on the bottom. Just hold your Heinz the right way. Maybe they can make ketchup packets not terrible next.  

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