Pancake Cereal Is the Latest Tik Tok Trend, and You Kinda Have to Watch This

050120_Getty Pancake Cereal

At this point in the cursed year of 2020, you’re probably pretty fed up with whatever food you have at home, and perhaps even your local takeout options. Maybe you’ve reached the point where not even salted caramel waffles or Funfetti cereal are enough to satisfy your craven breakfast desires anymore.

Thankfully, TikTok is showing us that we can reject the false dichotomy of pancake or cereal and enjoy a breakfast that offers us the best of both worlds. 

Ladies and gentlemen, may we present: pancake cereal, via Tik Tok.

The concept and execution are both ludicrously simple. First, whip up some pancake batter. Then load the batter into a squeeze bottle, pastry bag, or even a syringe(!?) to deposit little pancake droplets of about one inch in diameter into your frying pan. The pancake part of the preparation will be ready to flip pretty quickly, so keep a close eye on that pan and use a small spatula to flip them more efficiently.

?Pancake Cereal!? Mini buttered pancakes topped with syrup is my new go-to breakfast dish ? Tag a #pancake lover! #PHAAT

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From there, the cereal stage of the preparation begins. Simply load those pancakes into a bowl as you would, and drizzle with syrup, butter, and whatever else you see fit. This particular cereal doesn’t involve any milk, but there’s plenty of room for creative toppings like M&M’s.

It’s BREAKFAST time! #MiniPancakes with Mini M&Ms or Mini Chocolate Chips?? Got so many DMs about doing different flavors with them so I got a lil creative today??‍♀️ Which would you choose?? #PHAAT

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There’s plenty of room to get creative, though. Pretty much any type of pancake batter is fair game, as this TikTok that makes its own version of Funfetti pancake cereal demonstrates. 

Is pancake cereal the healthiest breakfast? Absolutely not. But we all deserve to treat ourselves at a time like this, and this sure seems like an easy way to try something fun and new without much of a hassle. Sounds like a pretty perfect weekend project.

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