Panera Added Five New Items (and One Old Favorite) to Their $10 and Under Summer Menu

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If you’re looking for a fast casual chain that’ll serve you soup or macaroni and cheese in a bread bowl, Panera is probably pretty high on your list. If you’re the kind of Panera-head who routinely spends too much money on their sandwiches, or you’re just craving something new, you might want to know about the killer deals to be had thanks to the recent introduction of their summer menu.

Starting July 23, Panera is putting out a revamped summer menu featuring five new items plus one returning favorite, each offering good eats for under $10. At the very least, that pocket-friendly price point should be enough to check out the new menu items that are on offer.

The new summer menu starts off in the morning with a bacon, scrambled egg & tomato wrap. Not only that, but you’ll find Vermont cheddar and some emerald greens in there. For $4.99, that’s like a dollar per ingredient (not counting seasoning). Solid!

Then, it’s onto the new sandwiches. Those include a Smokehouse BBQ chicken sandwich (which combines pulled chicken with more Vermont cheddar and other barbecue elements), a Teriyaki chicken sandwich (served with the aforementioned sauce and other flourishes on Ciabatta), and a Chipotle bacon melt, which is a souped-up grilled cheese with bacon, smoked gouda, American, and chipotle mayo. The Teriyaki somehow tips the scales as the most expensive sandwich at $9.39, while the other two ring up at $7.99.

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If that wasn’t enough to get your butt in gear and down to your local strip mall Panera, then maybe the return of the classic BBQ Chicken salad will do the trick. This returning favorite is a summertime feast, featuring chicken, romaine, black beans and corn salsa tossed in a tangy BBQ ranch—with a little extra apple cider vinegar BBQ sauce to boot.

For those who steadfastly refuse to branch out from their Panera standbys, the good news is that a classic Panera Duet can be yours for as little as $5.99 for a limited time. Those classic combos include grilled cheese and tomato soup, tuna and ten vegetable soup, greek salad and tomato soup, plus chicken caesar and chicken noodle soup.

While the current situation means you may not be able to sit and casually enjoy a meal from a booth at your favorite Panera (if you have one), these sweet summer deals provide a worthwhile reason to stop by for some takeout. Now if only they could find a way to serve some of these sandwiches in a bread bowl…


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