Red Lobster Created a Pairing Menu for Shark Week

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Sharks earned their notorious reputation for their occasional habit of nibbling on people, but the truth is that, as an ocean dweller, most of a shark’s diet is seafood. As such, it makes sense that one of America’s best-known seafood chains, Red Lobster, would want to tie its dishes into Discovery Channel’s perennially popular "Shark Week." Of course, as a dine-in restaurant, food and television show pairings have never been Red Lobster’s specialty — but thanks to the advent of online ordering and delivery, the chain’s chance has finally come.

Shark Week begins this Sunday, July 28, and this year, Red Lobster is offering suggestions of the perfect menu item to go with some of the event’s signature shows, “making hosting a Shark Week party easier and more fun than ever,” according to the brand. Frankly, after reading through all Red Lobster’s explanations, all of the pairings feel like a bit of a stretch. But hey, if you wanted some recommendations on what to watch during Shark Week 2019 and what to eat at Red Lobster, this list is as good a place to start as any.

Sunday, July 28Shark Trip: Eat. Prey. Chum. with Red Lobster’s Seaside Sampler

This show matches celebrities and sharks, and Red Lobster suggests their sampler “will satisfy the most indecisive of sea creatures.”

Monday, July 29Legend of Deep Blue with Red Lobster’s New! Crabfest Surf & Turf

Shark experts Brandon McMillan and Jimi Partington head back to Guadalupe Island to search for what is believed to be the largest great white shark in the world. That calls for a big meal: surf and turf!

Wednesday, July 31Capsized: Blood in the Water with Parrot Isle Jumbo Coconut Shrimp Platter

“Pro tip,” the seafood chain states, “Red Lobster’s flaky, fried Parrot Isle Jumbo Coconut Shrimp pair well with death-defying, undersea thrills.” By my account, fried shrimp pairs well with everything. Sold.

Friday, August 2Isle of Jaws: Blood Brothers with Red Lobster’s Ultimate Feast (pictured above)

This show follows a team of shark explorers who are tracking a couple of great white sharks believed to be brothers. Two hungry sharks means you need the Ultimate Feast.

Saturday, August 3Sharks Gone Wild 2 with Red Lobster’s Chilled Lobster & Shrimp Roll

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“End the fin-tastic week off with Red Lobster’s decadent take on the classic Lobster Roll featuring Maine lobster meat and tender shrimp,” the chain explains, “the perfect complement to the year’s most unbelievable viral videos, biggest news stories, and the latest cutting-edge shark science.”

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