Reheat turkey ‘perfectly’ with step by step guide

Jamie Oliver cooks delicious meal from leftover turkey

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If there’s one thing more delicious than Christmas dinner, it’s leftover Christmas dinner. BBC Good Food outlined how turkey lovers can reheat this yummy festive meat safely this Christmas.

Households across the country would have tucked into turkey yesterday for their Christmas meal.

But when it comes to Christmas, often we are left with copious amounts of potatoes, veggies and meat.

But never fear, there is no need to chuck away any tasty turkey this year.

It can be just as enjoyable in the aftermath of Christmas, as long as it is heated safely and properly.

BBC Good Food outlined a few safety points when it comes to reheating turkey.

Firstly, cold, cooked turkey meat can be kept in the fridge for up to four days – but “always use your best judgement”.

Turkey must be reheated until “piping hot”, not just warmed through.

It’s also essential to remember that turkey can only be reheated once, so pick a day close to Christmas to enjoy your festive leftovers.

How to reheat turkey in the oven

The experts suggested this option for those reheating a lot of turkey at once.

First, heat the oven to 180C/160C fan/gas four. Carve the turkey breast meat into thin slices and carve the leg meat off the bone. Lay in a roasting tin or gratin dish.

Pour enough turkey or chicken stock over the meat so there is about 5mm at the bottom of the dish.

Intersperse small pieces of butter, around 25g in total but more is fine.

Cover the dish tightly with foil and roast for 30 minutes until the turkey is very hot, at least 75C on a cooking thermometer.

Before serving, leave the turkey to rest for a few minutes in its juices.

How to reheat turkey in the microwave

The microwave is “perfect” if you’re enjoying a smaller turkey treat, with just one or two portions.

Cut the breast meat into thin slices and carve the leg meat off the bone.

Place in a microwavable dish or container and drizzle with stock or gravy.

Cook the turkey for two minutes on a medium-high setting, then check.

If it’s not very hot, cook in 30-second bursts until it’s piping hot. Before serving, leave it to rest for a few minutes.

Reheating your Christmas turkey is a great way to avoid food waste.

It also means you can prolong the festive fun a little longer this holiday season as you whip up a Christmassy concoction.

There’s plenty that can be done with leftover turkey, the world is your oyster.

From hot turkey sandwiches to turkey pasta bakes, turkey curries or casseroles to turkey salads, there’s something for everyone post-Christmas day.

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