Restaurant staff amazed as man ‘sets timer’ while waiting for service

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Restaurant staff were left baffled at a diner’s reaction after they claimed service was not quick enough.

The guest at the Slamwich Club, Stoke, which has a five-star rating on TripAdvisor, took the unusual step of setting a timer on their phone – and then leaving the restaurant when the clock had ticked down.

Bosses at the eatery apologised for the delay in service, says Stoke-on-Trent Live, but they were still puzzled as to why the guest had not simply tried to get the attention of a member of staff.

After the guest complained on TripAdvisor, they reassured him that, had he got someone’s attention, the whole thing could have been rectified “within five minutes”.  Instead, they were not able to correct the error as the guest had left.

The guest claimed that they had started the timer after waiting for fifteen minutes. They said that they would wait another ten minutes and then leave.

They wrote that the incident took place on a Saturday, which management explained would have made the extremely popular restaurant very busy. They apologised for the delay and customer service.

However, they added: “We do wish that rather than setting a timer, you just let a member of staff know – they are only human and sometimes they make mistakes, especially during a busy shift”.

The reviewer posted on TripAdvisor: “We arrived and were greeted by someone who appeared not to care and that we were an inconvenience to her, she told us to sit down and she’d be with us as soon as she could.

“We sat down and for over 15 minutes, we waited and no one came to us, despite the fact that they were clearing empty tables around us, should we not have taken priority over clearing a table that no one was at?

“After 15 minutes had passed, I advised my wife to set a timer for 10 minutes and if no one comes to take our order, we would call it a day.

“Regrettably, after 25 minutes of waiting, no one came to even take a drinks order, so we decided to leave. I felt extremely unvalued as a customer and this experience has certainly put me off returning.”

Responding to the review, management at The Slamwich Club wrote: “We’re so sorry you had an unsatisfactory experience with us. Can you get in touch with us to confirm your date and time of visit? As we can’t find your name on our system and we need to check what staff were on shift so we can look into this issue further.

“As you’ve previously visited and had a great experience – you’ll know that customer service is very important to us. Assuming it was Saturday, we were extremely busy – this is not an excuse for your order not to be taken and to receive little to no customer service. Our apologies.

“However, we do wish that rather than setting a timer, you just let a member of staff know – they are only human and sometimes they make mistakes, especially during a busy shift. Waiting around for 25 is not acceptable, and indicates that an issue has been made at our end – it could have been rectified within 5 minutes if you’d just made us aware.

“We’re sorry you won’t be visiting us again, 1 positive experience and 1 negative experience – give us another chance! We’d like to make it up to you!”

The Slamwich Club is one of the most popular restaurants in Stoke-on-Trent, with the second highest TripAdvisor rating in the city. The restaurant has a rating of five stars from 601 reviews at the time of writing. 

Of the 601 reviews 541 are five stars, while 39 are four stars. Many guests at the restaurant have praised both the service and the food, which serves a selection of high-end grilled cheeses as well as some mouth-watering sides.

The restaurant also  appears on a list of the top 30 burger joints in the country, despite not selling burgers. Reviewers at StagWeb claimed that while not burgers, the offerings were “not ordinary sandwiches either”.

Reviewers have heaped praise on the venue. One person commented: “One of my favourite places to visit with friends. Lovely little place to chill out and have some gorgeous food, never fails to impress.”

Another wrote: “Another amazing meal, the food is outstanding, the staff are superb, nothing is too much trouble. Definitely recommend”.

A third commented: “Another amazing meal at The Slamwich Club. Always order too much but it’s worth it and the team are always happy to box up leftovers for me to take home and feast on later!”

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